Sunday, September 18, 2011

Etude House Yogurt Wash-Off Pack Review

I tried this way before. It has 4 fruity scents, apple, raspberry, kiwi and apricot. I love the smeeellll!!! so yummy! ^^and cute packaging as always.
photo above is not mine.i forgot to take a picture of it, when i decided to take a snap of it, i already used up the others.:))
Its texture is a bit watery, so i felt like it was dripping from my face.:)) kinda hard to apply evenly.
I leave it for about 10 minutes. then washed it off. washing it off feels like my face has lotion (slimy, eh?). After washing it off, my skin felt soft and refreshed! :)
Perfect for those days that you want to pamper, and it doesn’t take that long.
~fruity and yummy scent
~feels refreshing
~soft skin
~price is okay
~watery texture
xoxo Monique :)
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