Friday, August 2, 2013

Etude House Princess Academy 2013

Hello Princesses and Princes! Do you love Etude House? I do. :) So when they announced that they'll be having an event, I really saved that date on the calender to attend and join the Princess Academy 2013. Tickets got sold out really fast, I was lucky enough to get one before its too late. I initially planned to go on both days but due to some things, I was only able to attend on the second day. Anyway, I just want to share some photos with you. :)

On the entrance. I love the pink lights, its a PINK day indeed.

Princess Portrait. I like the chair, the mirror and the curtains, and and and....everything. It feels so princess-y. :)) My favorite color is blue, but pink looks super pretty, girl and nice that day. :))

My friend, with the famous Etude House car, Betsy :)

Pink Macarons, Pink heart shaped chocolates, Pink cola and Pink Cotton Candy. PINK SWEETS overload.

Sweetie Spin. If you were able to answer the trivia, then you'll have 2 spins.

Style Me Up, hello there mini me perfumes.

Bowl Nails, literally nail polishes as pins.

Kiss the Prince. It would have been cool if there are 5 princes to choose from, but Minho is the only prince available.^^

I wanted to join the Mirror Mirror too, just to see how will I look like after the makeover, but the line is just too long, so we decided to skip it. :( 

 The treasure box. The more boxes you open, the more prizes you'll get. I was only able to open 2 in 60 seconds.

I saw Helen (Lucky Citrine), Shebby (Shebby Chic), Ms. Marge (Kikay trekkie) and Kim (Kimpossibly Gorgeous) too. 

With my fellow princess, Noemi. So happy I was with a friend, thanks for coming with me! ;)

Oh these are the stuffs that I got.

I want this makeup train case and all the stuffs inside it, its super pretty!!!

My pink cocktail gradation nails for the day. Yeah, I have to remove it the next day because we're not allowed to have nail polish on duty.-_-

Congratulations to Etude House Philippines for this another awesome and successful event. 
Remember: Every girl is a PRINCESS.
Till here, see you on my next post! :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hello! Its my rest day today, then duty again tomorrow. (one day is not enough. lol. haha) I'm having my duty in the Operating Room these days and trying my best to familiarize myself on the area, procedures and instruments. (Do I sound boring? lol.) How are you? I miss reading your blogs and sorry if I didn't post a review today.

Anyway, I replied on the comments and questions that I got, sorry for the late reply. Today, I tried catching up with the blogs I love reading, then I saw Chee's post about the Versatile Blogger Award and she nominated me! Thank you Chee! Visit her lovely blog (mostly korean cosmetics reviews and hauls <3)

Rules of the VBA:
If you are nominated, you've been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award!
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Include a link on their blog
3. Select 15 blogs/ bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly
4. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

This may be interesting or not, but I'll write random things, whatever comes to my mind :))

1. I used to watch a lot of taiwanese and japanese dramas before the korean wave started.

2. I just started to wear makeup during my 2nd year in college because of peer pressure. lol. haha but still not very interested on it.

3. I only started to have fun and got more interested in korean cosmetics when Etude House opened their branch here in the Philippines and got my first BB Cream.

4. My previous tumblr blog name is (I don't know why I came up to such names and urls so please don't ask me) I stopped blogging before (for almost a year or so) and eventually missed blogging, so here I am again, back with a new name and url. :))

5. My current favorite korean variety shows are Running Man and Dad where are you going.

6. I'm a kpop fangirl! 

7. People always thought I'm a shy and quiet type of person when they first meet me, but actually if we know each other longer and became friends, I'm not. :))

What do you think of me now? :)) Okay, for the tagging part...I know almost everyone has been tagged or have done this already but... whatever! :)) I'll just tag those blogs I recently discovered and blogs that I regularly visit.:)

I remember, I failed to do the Liebster award tag, its such a shame and I'm sorry to the one (/those?) who tagged me :( Should I still do it? Or is it too late? Let me know... Thanks for reading and see you on my next post. :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Etude House Water Color Blusher (No. 2 Coral) Review

Have you used a watercolor that looks like this in your art class during your elementary school days? I use the one that looks like an eyeshadow palette but I also saw the one in small tubes before.^^ Anyway, so for today I’ll share with you my review on Etude House Water Color Blusher in No.2 Coral. :) Honestly as soon as I saw this on the internet, I wanted to have it because of the cute packaging.^^ So yes, I bought it even though I haven’t read much reviews about this before, and I think I trust Etude House products so I’m not really worried buying it ;)
It has manufacturing date above. Nothing much is written at the back, no list of ingredients or English information.
(Photo above is from Etude House Philippines FB. Its available for Php348.00)
Etude House Water Color Blusher is available in 4 colors.^^
Here, just to compare its size. Its small and comes in a squeeze type tube. 
It is sealed, so you’re sure that you get a new product. Its cap is okay, it keeps the product closed tightly so you don’t have to worry about it leaking on your makeup pouch.
For first time users, just be careful in squeezing out the blush, you may accidentally end up getting much product. A tiny amount is enough. :)
What I like?
- Cute and unique packaging. As expected from etude^^
- It has a seal.
- Hygienic to use since its on a squeeze type tube.
- It feels light on skin and its not sticky. Its cream type (actually its quite watery) so its easy to apply and blend too.
- Gives a natural color, very wearable for everyday use.
- No breakouts!^^
- The tip/ opening or hole (whatever you call it^^) of the tube is just the right size, it small so its easy to control how much product you’d like to get.
- A little goes a long way. But if you are going to use this everyday, of course you’ll finish this little baby sooner.
- Its sheer but you can build up its color pay off.
- It smells nice but fades away after few minutes. I’m not sure though if others would like its smell.
- Its available in 4 colors (pink, coral, apricot and lilac) 
- Affordable
- Its small and light, you can bring it along anywhere.
What I don’t:
- No list of ingredients.
- It doesn't last all day. It just stays for about 3-4 hours and eventually fades. You may want to bring it along and reapply if you want.
Overall, I like this Water Color Blusher from Etude House. Color and price is good. The packaging is really unique, cute and handy. I have combination-oily skin and it works just fine, I think it will suit any skin types.^^ By the way, Etude House will have their PLAYHOUSE PRINCESS  ACADEMY on July. Are you going? I don’t have a ticket yet, can’t go to EH because of my duty schedule. I’m planning to visit any etude house branch tomorrow to get one (but I hope there are still available tickets since everyone really wants to join the event.~~) I missed the Pink fair so I hope I could go on this one. I’ll post an update if ever I’d get a ticket^^

Monday, June 17, 2013

Etude House CC Cream Silky Review

Annyeonghaseyo! eotteohge dangsin-eun?^^ CC cream is getting more popular today, so yes, I joined the craze to find out what's with cc creams. :) I decided to try Etude House's CC cream in Silky first (yeah, I'm thinking of getting another one but still looking for reviews).
I wanted the glow version too, but I'm afraid it will not suit my combination-oily skin especially with our hot and humid weather (yes even if its already rainy season now, its still hot most of the time -_-) So yes, I decided to try the silky version. The packaging is simple and pretty, as expected from Etude House.^^
For more info about this cc cream, let the following photos do the talking.:))

(Photos above are not mine^^)



CC Cream is basically something that corrects and has more skin care benefits, if you want more coverage/ makeup, then you may use BB cream. :)
This is P798 in Etude House PH stores. Got mine from Kkochipida :)
The pump is good and dispense just the right amount of product you need.
This cc cream is also white at first with tiny beads ( color capsules?) but blends and adjusts to your own skin color.
Eyebrow pencil + EH CC Cream + EH Water color blusher + lip balm.

What I like:
- It has spf 30/ PA ++
- 8 in 1 functional effects
- Packaging, I like it white, simple and clean looking.
- The pump is good
- Information and direction for use is provided in English
- Scent is okay
- Oil control is okay, its pretty fair if I'm in an air-conditioned room but if I'm outside, I still have to blot. 
- Semi matte finish but there is still a hint of dewy/ glow^^
- Gives some pore coverage
- Does not oxidize on my skin
- It didn't break me out
- It feels light on skin and its not sticky.
- Its texture, it not too creamy nor too watery. Its easy to apply and blend.
- One or two pumps are enough.
- Locally available :)

What I don't:
- My skin may get too white if applied too much or not blended properly.

CC cream has a sheer coverage, so it can't really cover much like pimples, scars or dark spots. It can be used alone if you have a pretty good skin or during your nice skin days (what did I say? :O ) but if not, you can use it as a base and put bb cream on top. :) Use a moisturizer on dry areas before applying this. So far I can't say that I love it to the point that I would throw away my bb creams, but I like it. :) I sometimes use this alone, or pat on a little bb cream on top. Let's just say, I use different things according to my mood or whatever I feel like using.^^ I'm still curious about the Glow version though and would like to try it. (Can anyone throw a sample for me? lol. haha) Okay till here. See you on my next post. :)
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