Sunday, May 26, 2013

Holika Holika Cover and Hiding Liquid Concealer Review

Hello! Its been a week since the last time I posted a review. I’m sorry, I’m usually tired after my duty that I chose to just sleep or read other’s blogs when I’m at home. Hopefully I could have at least 2 or 3 posts this week. So let’s start with Holika Holika’s Cover and Hiding liquid concealer.^^
“Holika Holika Cover & Hiding Liquid Concealer will conceal your blemishes, dark circles or any other skin imperfections that you may have. With its liquid formula, you can easily apply it anywhere and blend it into your skin. The tube of the concealer is fairly large so you will have plenty to use for long periods of time. The formula itself is smooth and silky so you won’t have any issues with clumping or drying.”
                                                                   Smooth formula
                                                                   Great coverage
                                                           Lots of formula per bottle
Directions: Apply directly onto any blemishes, dark circles or other skin imperfections prior to makeup application. You can apply lotion or a moisturizer beforehand. Blend out with pad of ring finger or brush. Continue with regular makeup regime.
I don’t usually use concealers, because I’m okay with BB creams alone. But since I have this and got 2 little pimples 2 weeks ago (maybe because of lack of sleep.-_- But hooray, they’re gone now!^^), I tried using it. So here, I’m going to show you a photo of my cheek.
See those two red bumps? Its annoying, but let’s not be stressed by it, it will be gone after few days. For the mean time, we could use concealers to cover it a bit. The redness lighten a bit right? 
Holika Holika Concealer + BB cream from Innisfree (will review soon^^)
I also did a test on my arm..
What I like:
-Since its a liquid concealer, I find it easy to apply and blend.
- Mild smell.
- Light to medium coverage
- Tones down the redness of my pimple
- Semi matte finish
- It matches my skin, gives a natural look
- A little goes a long way
- Packaging is okay, its simple and not bulky.
- Its affordable! (5900 won)
What I don’t:
-Its not yet available locally. But with the product, I can’t think of any.^^
--There are only 2 shades available: light beige and natural beige, I’m not sure if it will suit morena or darker skin tone.

Tip: to avoid dry patches or caking, use a moisturizer before applying this. I notice some dryness on my sister’s blemishes/ pimple marks when she used this. But I didn’t experience that dryness.
~This is a good and affordable concealer. Feels light on skin and easy to apply. I can compare this with Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer but Holika Holika has a lighter coverage.
Visit their site :)


  1. Oh this looks really good! Nice that it doesn't really have much cons! I'm in need of a concealer right now, I'll consider this one! But I hope this won't be drying on me, since I've have had some bad experiences with dry concealers. =3=
    Thanks for the review! :)

  2. You look so pretty even without eye makeup! Thanks for the swatches/examples. I've been looking for a new concealer to try. =)

  3. This concealer looks perfect for daily coverage . I love liquid concealers because they are so easy to blend and lasts long! great product.. holika holika has some great stuff!

  4. hello! yeah, its something nice to try.^^ Thanks for visiting! :)

  5. I have dark circles so I'm always on the look out for concealers!
    Thank you for the review :D Will consider buying this

  6. om, thanks^^ I'm not really someone who always wear an eyeshadow.~~ And I don't use an eyeliner if its just a normal day because its either I'm in a hurry or I feel lazy :)) Thanks for reading :)

  7. Can't think of any cons maybe except for the drying part. I didn't experience caking/ dryness but my sister did, she told me that maybe because she's applying something to dry her pimple fast. Thanks for reading Chee :)


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