Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CURE Natural Aqua Gel Review

Hello! Have you heard about Sample Room? If you are a blogger or someone who loves trying out what’s new, I’m pretty sure you know what Sample Room is. But for those who don’t, read this…
So yes, basically you can get samples for free, but be fast because stocks always run out fast. :) Sample Room lets you TRY before you BUY. :D
This is my first time to try Sample Room and this is the first product that I got. I’m one of those lucky people who got the chance to avail the sample of this talk of the town exfoliating gel from Japan: CURE1 bottle sold every 12 seconds in Japan!~ Isn’t that amazing?!
What is Cure?
Its made up of 90% water! Very gentle but can exfoliate those dirty dead skin! That makes it more aaamazing!!^^
Sample Room provided 5 sachets for us to try. Thank you Sample Room! :)
I transfer its contents to a small cream jar. I usually always transfer samples in a small jar like this, I even use contact lenses case sometimes. :))
How to use? The pictures pretty tell us how. :)
Now let’s try it? 
1st use. I tried it on my hands. Can you see the difference? Maybe not because its the first use, but I tell you its really cool to see those white particles… Want a closer view? here.
Eeewww? But I just want to show the white particles to you -_-
Then on my fingers/cuticle, look at the before picture (red box) it looks tired and old, but look at the after (blue box) it looks clean, fresh looking (baby skin?).~haha.
(Oh yes, I have short chubby fingers, can you recommend me some exercise to make them slimmer? O_O)
AFTER 3 days
I used Cure again for the 2nd time. It makes my skin pretty nice and young looking (oh I'm not yet old!^^)
And of course I also tried it on my face. I’m quite shy to show you but okay, here.
Don’t my face look brighter after using Cure? Well if you don’t see the difference, try it! My face feels cleaner, softer and brighter after using Cure gel :) You can actually see those white particles come off (dead skin and dirt) after you massage Cure.
What I like:
-Its a gentle exfoliator
-It removes dead skin and dirt
-Its preservative, coloring, mineral oil and artificial fragrance free
- You can use it on your face, neck, elbows, knees, cuticles, almost all over your body!
-It enhances moisturizer absorption by removing dead skin cells on your skin surface.
-It makes my skin cleaner, softer and brighter!
- I didn't have any allergic reactions
-One bottle lasts up to 4 months (use it twice a week only)
-Its locally available! Visit Beauty Bar stores near your place!
I wish:
-It comes in smaller bottles too so that I don’t have to shell out P1,500 (250 grams) at once. :))
Cure is exclusively available in Beauty Bar and exclusively imported and distributed by Beautybox Corp.
That’s it! I’ll continue using this and I’ll update you guys if it will solve some of my skin problems and if it will make my skin smoother. Thanks for reading! :)
Visit their sites!
Sample Room: 
Twitter: @SampleRoomPh
Cure Philippines 
Twitter: twitter.com/CurePhil
Instagram: @CurePhil
Thank you Sample Room and Cure Philippines!


  1. I agree, here in our country is about $37. They said that its even more expensive if bought from online resellers. Its a popular Japanese product and has been in the market for years already, so I think that's the reason why its pricey. That's why I wish it comes in smaller bottles like a half of this maybe (125 grams). :))

  2. I've been wanting this exfoliator for such a long time. It has been raved so much about. But like Ga Eul mentioned its so expensive! Maybe one day...

  3. That's the only con, its pricey. But a little goes a long way and they said one bottle lasts up for months. If I have the extra money I'll buy the full bottle, if I'm broke then I won't. :))

  4. I've heard about Cure, but one bottle online is on average $40!! That's outrageous > n < A lot of other chemical exfoliators go for $10-$20.


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