Monday, April 29, 2013

I see the Beautiful in YOU!

You! Yes you! Whoever is reading this post, you are beautiful! Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own ways. Yes, we may say or even wish we look like someone we idolize or look up to, like for example: those pretty Kpop idols or the Victoria’s secret angels. Its okay to admire and adore others, but still, we should appreciate what we’ve got and remind ourselves that we are beautiful too. :)
photo from BDJ fb. :)
So, BDJ included stickers to our boxes to inspire women and spread the word. I personally like to share it with others, if I just have lots of stickers I would give it to anyone I’ll see. :)) So for the month of April, the stickers included say “I SEE THE BEAUTIFUL IN YOU”. There are 5 tasks for us and I think its fun and easy. :)
1. Stick it on an object you see everyday to serve as a daily reminder.
“Mirror! Mirror on the wall!” I chose to stick it on the mirror! Don’t we all look in the mirror every single day? So there, every time I’ll look and face the mirror, this will remind me that I’m beautiful. I sound so narcissistic :))
2. Pass it to someone you always see everyday.
Sure I see my mom too everyday, but I gave it to my sister instead. (Don’t worry, we’ll gonna stick it around the house where everyone can see it, share share! :)) )
3. Give it to someone you know who is beautiful inside out.
She is one of my closest friends whom I met during college. She’s kind, smart, cheerful and fun to be with. :P
(And if you are reading this my friend, I’m sure you are smiling/ laughing now. ~hahaha :)) )
4. Stick it on an area where a stranger can see it.
Sssshhhhhh… I placed it inside a fitting room so that anyone who’ll fit some dress or whatever, they could read this, as if someone’s telling them that they are beautiful. Vandalism? NO! Not really. But please don’t tell anyone that I’m the one who did it! O_O haha. By the way, the color of this top is cute right?
5. Get creative and figure out the best way to pass on this message.
What a better way to share this to other people, friends or even strangers? Social networking sites! (Instagram, FB, Twitter and Tumblr!) 

That’s it! Have you watched Dove’s real beauty sketches video? You are more beautiful than you think :) 

Thanks BDJ team for these kind and inspiring words for us to pass on to all the beautiful ladies! :)  

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  1. Aw, how sweet <3 I remember seeing post-its with motivational phrases from Operation Beautiful in the hallways at school last year. It really brightened up my day!!

    By the way, I nominated you for the Liebser award. Please check out this post for more information!:


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