Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Unboxing April 2013 BDJ (Belle De Jour) Box!

How is your summer going? Its very hot now here in the Philippines (are we inside the oven?!). Its the perfect time to go to the beach and have a vacation!
I sooo love the view! :) No filter, taken from my iphone. Just pure beauty.
Our family just came back last Monday from our summer vacation trip in Ilocos (will share more photos next time) and when we got home, a box is waiting for me. My first BDJ Box :)
I won an APRIL box! I’ve never subscribed in any beauty boxes though I know there are quite a number of boxes already here in our country. So in short this is my first time getting one, and I felt so lucky when they announced the winners because its also my birthday, its like a surprise present :)
*oh sorry if I used a black background, I should have used a colorful/ light colored one (summer theme?^^) and I just used a new photo editor, still practicing.
The box is small but heavy! You know you got loads of products inside.
What’s inside?
April box really has a mix of stuffs, and 5 of them are in full size! I think I’ll be using the mist to freshen up, my Innisfree mist is already running out. The whitening products are just right for me now, I got a bit dark (and I think I even got a mild sun burn O_O) so let’s see how it works.  I already registered to their website http://bdjbox.com/ . For only P480/ month, you will get your own box that contains 5-6 (or more!) beauty products from premium brands handpicked for you! You’ll get to try the latest beauty products and have samples. It saves you money as you can try it first before buying a full size (and you get more than what you paid for) I’m now thinking of subscribing, I think its worth it. :) Hurry up as the boxes gets sold out very quick! MAY BOX is already Sold Out! The only chance for me now is to join their challenge~ haha, anyway I think its fun and interesting so I’ll do it!
Wait for my reviews! :) I know I have pending reviews and posts on my drafts, I’m slow but I’m trying my best to post at least every week. :))
Thank you BDJ team and more power to you! :)
Visit their facebook: BDJ Box and Belle De Jour Power Planner
Twitter: @bdjbuzz
Instagram: @bdjbuzz

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