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Hello every one! How is your week going? Its wednesday and I’m home, so another opportunity to make a review. :) For tonight, its about an eye brow liner. ..
I am one of those people who is not blessed with those beautiful eye brows, I don’t have thick eyebrows, instead, i have a very thin pair. So I always use eye brow kits so that I can define my eye brows. 
~~I used elf eyebrow kit before, but when I got Etude House’s Drawing Eye Brow pencil, I find it easier to use and very handy. I got the #1 which is dark brown..
Dual ended!. This side has the pencil (more of like a crayon?^^)…I love it’s shape! The angle makes it easier to use! 
On the other end, it has the brush…
look at that very thin titas’ said that I got it from my mom! aww.^^ So I was born with it. Eyebrows that are barely noticed. :(
After using the eye brow pencil! Yehey! I’ve got eye brows that are darker! :) Thanks to EH’s wonderful pencil! :D  it works wonders to shape and define my brows.^^
What I like:
- the shape/ angle of the pencil/ applicator is perfect!
- automatic, no need to sharpen!
- glides on smoothly! easy to apply! :) very easy to use :D
- comes with a brush to tidy up your brows!
- color looks natural! :)
- although the pencil is short, it doesn’t finish up fast…i’ve been using it for months now. :D
- available in other shades too…
- inexpensive! it’s less than P200. (can’t remember the exact price.sorry. just go to :D)
- very handy
- it does stays long, except if you are sweating a lot and wiping of your face with a hanky of course.
What I don’t like?
~~~If you have an oily skin, you may ligtly dust a bit of powder on your brows to absorb ecess oil before you start drawing :) Take care not to over do it! :p
<3 Monica

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