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Hello again! So for now, this is a review for Maybelline New York’s pure liquid mineral foundation. This is going to be one quick review.:)
The first foundation i ever tried is Maybelline’s mineral foundation (the one on small tube), then it was phased out (including the mineral blush on), then they returned it again with different packaging and Chinese letters are all over it ( the previous one don’t have a lot of chinese characters as i remember). So yeah, it’s Made in China.
I can see the word Paraben here. As much as I can, I’m trying to avoid products with parabens since they said that it has a bad effect but it is really usually in cosmetics .  I believe almost all cosmetics have this, even the BB creams.
~~~If you are a cosmetic junkie, i know most probably you don’t like paraben too.. I told this to my sister and she said, may be too much is bad, but if we’ll just use a little of it and occasionally (like just during week ends or when we just really need to), maybe that would be just okay, and I agreed to it since we only wear make up when we are going out on week ends—not all the time (no make up during school days, or may be just a little bb OR powder only) Like the old saying “Too much is bad”. So let’s move ON! :))
This is the pump. The pump is just fine. Not bad. :p
~~a little amount on my hand
~~i even tried it on an eyeliner..
~~here. I’m not soo sure if it was covered, or erased.LOL.haha.
Price: P499. Check it out on nearest Maybelline in your place.:)

- Its a Mineral foundation. with micro-minerals (Mineral makeup is much better for your skin than traditional cosmetics, because it is not petroleum-based and does not contain filler ingredients that block your pores, or irritate your skin.)
- with SPF 18~~
-the pump^^ its hygienic.
- packaging~~though its kinda heavy to bring (compared to its tube version before)
- they indicated all the ingredients in english. and the product info. :)
- suitable for sensitive skin
-lasted all day.:)
- has parabens
- oil control. though its not bad, didn’t made me more oily. Just had to blot and put powder as usual.
~~~Don’t forget to remove your make up before you go to bed! Sleep with a clean skin! :)
Have a great day!
<3 Monica :)

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