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Hello chingus! :) So this has been on my drawer for a while, and finally decided to give it a try. When I went to The Face Shop before, I was looking for the Face it Waterproof BB since I had read positive reviews about it. But sadly, it’s not available in ph.:( So I was choosing between hydro splash and aqua tint, and ended up with Hydro Splash—without much knowledge about this bb since I’m not really supposed to buy this. This is my first BB from TFS btw…

packaging^^doesn’t look cheap..
there’s an english description^^ Yes I was kinda hesitant to buy this since its hydro splash (will moisturize skin? for dry skin?) but the SA told me its also good for combi-oily since it is water based (as I know, water based products are better for oily skin). 
not the usual pump that most bb creams would have. it is sealed!^^
color^^ it only have one shade. its a bit thick at first but gets watery when you blend it. :)
blend blend. at first it looks dark, but when it blends fully, it will blend to your skin tone…
i don’t wear any make up here except for the bb. look at those eye bags! see the difference?
What I like?
- with SPF
- water based
- good coverage~~~covered those dark circles :)
- price is cheaper compared to other bb creams
- light scent
- moisturizing
- stays long
- dewy look
What I don’t like?
- I don’t know but it kinda looks grey-ish in the beginning. (greyish undertone?)
- my t-zone still gets oily. so no oil control..
i haven’t use it for one whole week straight yet, just a couple of days and so far, it didn’t break me out. I would like to try out the waterproof bb, hope it will be available here..:)
<3 Monica

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