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Hello! I know I haven’t posted any bb cream reviews yet, but I’ve been using bb creams (and loving it) since I started buying Korean cosmetics. Actually the first thing I ever bought from Etude House is BB cream (because I’m curious about this product..Referred to as the secret of Korean actresses, and the no make up look, which means you will look very pretty naturally.:) ) Oh well enough with the intro, I know you guys know pretty much about BB creams already.:)

Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong is the BB I use as of the moment (current fave and I use it often^^) I don’t really wear make up before but now, I almost always use BB when I’m going out.
But this is not my first BB. The one below is the very first bb I had (I guess I’ll just post my comment on the BB below on my next post, because as you can see, I already finished the whole thing (even before I started blogging, so I can’t show you its content anymore, ..)
<3 you won’t look oily, you’ll look glowing, ..dewy skin :) (with the BB Magic Cream)
It has three shades. #1 is the Sheer Silky Skin which is the lightest, #2 Sheer Glowing Skin which is the medium, and #3 Sheer Flawless Skin. Before the All Day Strong came out, they have the same bb but without the ADS, sheer silky is for oily skin, Glowing is for dry skin. I got the Silky Skin first since its for oily, but when the all day strong arrived, the SA told me that all the shades are for all skin types, so its still okay to use the #2 or 3 since its for all skin types. So I decided to give a try on #2, since it matches my shade than #1.
The pump. I’m warning you, you have to familiarize yourself on how this pump works. I read on other blogs that others are also having a problem with the pump, because the product tends to squirt out if you pump it fully(accidentally.haha.:)) It happened to me, its all over the mirror and table, and just this morning a friend borrowed this and tried, okay, I got BB cream on the back of my shirt! good thing I’m not wearing white! (my makulit na friend tried it before too, and my laptop and her bag got some dose of BB too„sayang! but its ok^^)
it really matches my skin! :)
What I love?
- cute packaging
- blends well on looks natural!^^ no make-up look!
- has spf
- hypoallergenic and oil free
- Anti-wrinkle & whitening
- Anti-darkening
- the pump because its hygienic
- dewy effect
- Price is okay compared to other BB creams :) 
- No breakouts
- Smell is ok^^
- easy to apply! you can use your fingers! :P when I don’t feel like putting much on my skin before going to school, I just put on some bb and i’m good to go. :)
What I don’t love?
- it dries pretty quick
- the pump (because it squirts out) but if you are used to it i guess you will have no prob with it.
- oil control is not really good for me. still have to blot and put powder. 
More BB reviews next time :) Keep safe everyone! :) Annyong!:)
<3 Monica

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  1. I bought this a long time ago from Etude House store. I'm afraid this is not available anymore as they always update their mineral bb creams. They have the bright fit and and currently launched the cotton fit bb cream. :)

  2. great review (: im looking to buy this product. what site did you buy it from?


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