Thursday, January 24, 2013


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Hello Sweeties!:) So this is not a korean-product. This is part of our yearly supply. (Yes, yearly.haha. Every time my dad comes home here in Philippines, he always buy us stuffs like hair treatments, cleansing products, etc. —part of his Pasalubong.) Anyhoo, i’m not sure if it is available here, but you may check out L’oreal in department stores or watsons. 
My sister and I don’t really buy korean make up removers because of this^^. We always use this to remove our make up, or even if we don’t wear make up, my mom always tell us to use this to make our skin completely clean.
I have combi-oily skin, but this works okay for me. (i’ve been using this for years!) and I still use facial foam, and toner afterwards anyway. 
it has a toner counterpart, but i don’t use it that much. (no photo here)
It is recommended for those who have sensitive skin too!:)
the texture is watery. But no problem in applying it. You have to gently massage it on your face to dissolve make-up.
And wipe it with cotton.:)
-i’m not wearing much make up that day, if i am, this cotton would turn out beige/brown because of bb cream+eyebrow cream+dirt.:)

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