Thursday, January 24, 2013

Etude House Petite Darling BL501 Review

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So here. blue! my favorite color! High pigmentation and smooth to apply! Unlike other nail polish, which takes 3-4 applications before i achieve the color i want. With this, one to two applications is okay.
its a bit messy, i’m sorry. i’m not really good in applying nail polish.hoho.i need more practice.haha.:))
 Too bad, i can’t have nail polish during school days, we are not allowed in my course. I can just paint my nails during sembreaks and christmas breaks.:(
-price is okay
-cute packaging
-easy to apply
-cool color
-dries fast (->on my nails. i mean, the remaining polish on the bottle doesn’t dry fast which i like, so that i can still use it some other time.)
-doesn’t smell too bad
-its kinda difficult to remove, my nail looks cyanotic (bluish coloration due to absence of oxygen) :)) it took days before it was completely removed.
Score: 4/5
This is my last post for today. more reviews soon.:) goodnight!
<3 Monica

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