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March 19, 2012
So…another product from Etude House. :) I got this last December, and that time, the WANNABE is their newest line. Everything in wannabe is cute, the packaging is awesome. But I didn't really get everything from the line, the red lipstick is cute but its out of stock (it saved me from impulsive buying!)
When I got what I need, I saw this and the blingbling stick. so another stuffs that I bought that I didn’t plan to..Its really cute!, and my friend told me to just buy it. (I am not a person who always use mists—like i cannot live without it„, but we always remember Daesung from bigbang whenever we see mists, did you watch their secret garden parody? smeeeellll!) haha. so at the back of our minds, we are going to play with it. :))
oh and yes, it is written there that it has a sebum control powder, so i thought its okay to use it. (but I actually prefer the moistful mist which i use sometimes)
It is sealed!
Product Description:  ♥ Supplies instant relief to dry skin and helps to set and preserve makeup longevity ♥ Formulated for Dry Season Conditions : Contains Hyaluronic Acid and oil absorbent powder to foster moist skin and preserve makeup integrity.
I am totally in love with the design of the packaging! Its still available I think, for P478. Sooo, what can I say? Its okay for me, freshens up and provides moisture. (but I still prefer Etude’s Moistfull mist). The packaging is just really…tempting.haha.:)) You may wonder why I use mist when I have combi skin, I don’t know, maybe my skin just feels better, since I’m combi, there are times that some parts of my face are dry and flaky, and some are oily. So what I do is spray the mist after putting on my bb and powder, then on the middle of the day I blot with oil control sheet and use the mist again. This mist doesn’t make me oily I should say, and didn’t cause me any break out.
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