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Jan. 9, 2012
Hi everyone! So now, I’m not going to post a korean cosmetic. This is Shawill which is made in China. I don’t know why korean hangul is written on the cap and the box though. When I first saw Shawill on department store, I did checked the stand but I thought that maybe its just another regular product because the prices are cheap! I know many has the perception that when its really cheap, maybe it doesn’t work. But I was wrong! My sister is the one who first bought a liquid eyeliner from Shawill to try. She is not an expert in lining her eyelids so maybe she was looking for something inexpensive to try on and practice. Of course, I also get to try her eyeliner.:) Me myself is also not an expert on this, but when I tried it, I’m happy with this liner.:) So I decided to get one for myself too.:)
It is sealed. I got the black one.
There is an expiration date! :)
the brush is really nice, thin and stiff! I really like it!:)
My bare eyes..looks dull? haha.:))
with Shawill liquid eyeliner + Etude House Oh m’eye lash curling and clean mascara.
I added some shimmer! this time + Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick in #1 Shooting star. (will post a review soon) :)
What I like?
- It stays long!
- Cheap! P128.00 only. and it’s really good.
- good packaging. :) with box, seal and expiration date! it doesn’t look cheap.:))
- color is very pigmented.
- waterproof.
- it doesn’t smudge.
- For me, the brush is okay.
- It dries fast, but sometimes when I accidentally blink right after I put my eyeliner, then I have to fix it again.
- It is available in locally. You can find it on department stores!
What I don’t like?
- The brush is fine but yeah it’s a bit thick, but I don’t intend to use this eyeliner everyday.I just use it when going out with friends esp at night.:)
That’s it for one of my new found eyeliner. It works and its inexpensive! :) Oh did I mention it’s my first liquid eyeliner?..yeah, i’m not really good in lining my eyes so i’m afraid to use liquid liners, but now, I’m not afraid to try other liquid eyeliners anymore! :)
<3 Monica :)

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