Monday, January 28, 2013

Want bangs? Clip it on! Hair Extension!

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Feb. 05, 2012

Want to have bangs in an instant? why not try the clip on bangs?! haha. I was just going around the mall and entered Daiso/Saizen, then I saw this. I think it looks natural compared to the clip on bangs i saw somewhere which is super shiny that it  looks so synthetic and obviously fake. I really want to have bangs but right now, i have a failed bangs (too short.:() though I don’t use this always because it kinda not match my hair color exactly. There is a black one which is darker than my hair color, and this one is closer to it.
no english instruction but the pictures will help you.
the clips. there are two, one on each side.
and here it is.haha.:))
wanna see Michelle Phan’s Clip on bangs? here:
Watch this video (a short and funny one) on How to put on fake bangs by Hairstylist Daven and Michelle Phan
lalalalove <3
Monica :)

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