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March 18, 2012
I am searching for a good eyeliner, a felt tip brush liner preferably. Then I visited Tony Moly and the SA recommended this, and me, being a korean cosmetics fan, I decided to give it a try. Its P458 and it disappointed me. :(
The packaging is typical black pen, but i don’t care about the packaging if the product is good.
I got the black one.
It is sealed. its always a plus point for me.
the tip of the liner.
My thoughts:
When I was in the store, I just tried it at the back of my hand to see if it smudge easily, and it didn’t. But when I tried using it, its a bit difficult, like the ink/ liner doesn’t come out on the felt tip, like I have to apply it vertically/ tip down on my lids (how do i say it, like the pen should be like this:

And it doesn’t stay long. Yes I know its not water proof but the staying power is just so-so.
this is how it look like after applying.
this is what it looks like 5-6 hours..
just to try what happens when it gets wet.-_-
and another thing, this is not really a big deal, but why is that they don’t give me the free sample? like I would also like to try that bb.:)) When I came home and saw the receipt, the sample is included. This is the 2nd time. they didn’t give me the sample that I was supposed to get during my first purchase too. This is in SM megamall. Why put it on the receipt if they won’t give it? anyhoo…I’m just sad about this because its pretty pricey yet it doesn’t work well. :(
*I read good reviews on their gel liners, so I’m thinking about having it as my first gel liner. Have you tried it? :)

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