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Hair Colour in Azta Urban Salon

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Jan. 13, 2013
Hello tumblr friends! So if you’ve read my post a long time ago, I mentioned that I wanted to have my hair colored because I’ve been tired of my dark brown hair which is its natural color. I wanted something that is lighter. I usually have my hair cut or cellophane in Rob Galleria, and told them I want my hair to be colored. They said my hair needs to be bleached so that I could achieve the color I want. But I don’t want my hair to be bleached, I’m afraid it might get damaged… So last December, I finally decided to have my hair colored for the first time. Yes first time.  
I read blogs and feed backs about salons where I can have my hair colored. I read a lot of good comments about Azta Urban Salon, and I decided to go in Katipunan branch.
While looking at their color chart. I didn’t know exactly what to choose. I just like a lighter brown color. Oh, and I chose MLV because they had 20% promo that time and I heard it’s good, mild and safe. Azta also offers Davines and L’oreal.

There were quite a number of customers that time ( I arrived around 4pm, Monday), so I was asked to sit and wait for a while.
When I was finally called, Mr. Edwin became my stylist for that day. He asked me what I want to do with my hair. I told him what I want and asked for his opinion if what color would look good on me, something lighter but not really a drastic change. So he suggested that we go for Medium Mahogany Blonde. Yes blonde, but it just looks like a lighter shade of brown. :) He introduced me his assistant (uh oh, I forgot her name). She began to shampoo my hair on my chair (its something unique too) and then rinse. Then blow dry, sectioned my hair and they started to color my hair (mid up to tips). BY THE WAY, my hair was not bleached anymore, they said that they avoid the bleaching because it may dry/damage the hair. :)
The staffs are really nice. I mean they speak in a low voice and they answer my questions well. ( I wasn’t able to took photos with them) That’s what I really want with Azta. I read good comments about the nice people there and its true. :)
They have this timer just to make sure… :)
Then after a couple of minutes they applied hair color in the roots and set the timer again.
They also offered a complimentary drink. You can choose either a cold milk tea or orange juice.
After the coloring, they rinsed and blow dried my hair. I didn’t took any photos anymore, I was quite not satisfied with the results because only the top of my hair was colored, the mid up to tips looks dark brown still. Hindi pantay yung color :(
I nicely asked them why did it turned like that, and so they asked if I still have free time, they will apply color again on mid to tips. I agreed since I’m free that evening anyway, and because the color on top really looks different from the bottom. So they colored it again, rinsed and blow dried. And it turned out better than the previous one. Though the mid to tip is still darker than the top. I didn’t complain anymore, they explained to me that maybe my stylist from the previous salon where I had my cellophane, applied henna on my hair. The next time I’ll have it colored, maybe my hair will be colored evenly.
~~And they didn’t charge me for the extra coloring when they redone it which made me happy. They really care for their customer’s satisfaction and quality of the salon. 
Here are some of my recent photos with the colored hair. My friends said it looks good on me. What do you think? ^^ I like it.
So approved. I will go back to Azta Urban Salon next time. I would like to try Ombre. ^^
<3 Monica

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