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Are you a fan of lip&cheek tint? Me-not-really. Though this product is a lip and cheek tint, i have only tried it on my lips, not yet on my cheeks, because i prefer using powder blushes. So this is how it looks like :)
the applicator and tint.:) cherry pink but it looks bloody red?^^
chingus! sorry for just using the back of my hand, my lips is not on its good condition as of now. :(( Mianhaeyo. 미안합니다.
swipe&blend! :)
-it stays long, seriously. see the picture above? i took that at night, then the next day, when i was about to wash my hand, i noticed that it is till there! it stayed that long huh? :p and according to my sister who also use this tint, it lasts from morning till she comes home from school~till night. amazing.:p
-just one swipe, then its enough. its highly pigmented.
-it’s not sticky! i don’t like sticky things on my face! :D
-simple packaging but still pretty
- i think it will also look good if applied on cheeks! :)
- i don’t know if its a good or bad thing, but it dries up fast and its hard to remove! 
-definetely a NO-NO for chapped lips. I normally have dry lips (which tends to be chapped always.huhu.), then i tried this, my lips turned out scary, like it formed a map. I quickly washed it with water and wiped it, and wiped it with a facial wipes again, but its really hard to remove! My mom even asked me what happened to my lips (looks like bleeding?), i didn’t tell her that i used this, i just said that I don’t really know, and maybe its just because i usually have chapped lips. (yes, my quest for the best lip balm is not yet finish :( i’ve been struggling with this problem since i was in high school, i already used a lot of different products—-nivea, libello, petroleum jelly, the body shop, blistex, chapstick, burt’s bees, and now, i’m about to try carmex. most of the products works well for me at first, maybe for about a month or two, but then my lips seems to be (immune?) fighting with it and starts to be chapped again.ooh, just a little sharing :))) my mom even told me that we go to the derma to have it checked. :((
-lip applicator is submerged in the tint, and i believe, when you apply it on your lips, microorganisms/germs tend to attach on that pretty wand, and as time passes, the tint will be contaminated.
That’s it for today. More reviews next time. Have a blessed week! :)
<3 Monica

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