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Annyeonghaseyo chingus! :D Though this might be a late review, I would still like to share my thoughts on this.:) This is my first BB cream ever ( I mentioned about this on my previous post about EH Precious Mineral BB Sheer Glowing), from Etude House. :) This will be a short review since I cannot post photos of it anymore because I already used it up (even before I started blogging), and haven’t bought another one since I’m trying different bb creams.

~~~~Description on the package:Etude House Moisturizing BB Magic Cream with Sun Protection.
BB Magic Cream offers natural looking coverage that nourishes, corrects skin tone and protects against sun damage.

~~~~~Direction for use:
After facial cleansing, apply a small amount of product to hands and spread evenly across facial surface. Cream may give a whitish appearance upon initial application but will naturally blend with skin tone once lotion sets. 
They also have the Refreshing and Moisturizing (but those two doesn’t have SPF).
———-will purchase again :)
Why I love it? 
- brighter and smoother skin
- evens out skin and gives a beautiful glow. dewy look! :)
- it is light and looks natural
- Has SPF 30!
- It moisturizes skin
-  watery texture~~easy to apply :)
- handy, you can bring it anywhere.
- pump is hygienic, though you may have to familiarize yourself with the pump since the cream tends to squirt out. and ooh, it has a cap too! :)
- idk why but i like the smell of this bb! haha^^
- no break outs! :P
- it has english product info on its box^^
- Its cheap! Only P598. :) and I used this for monthsss.:)
What I don’t like?
- oil control is not that good for me (and others complain about its oil control too..), just have to put on powder and blot..
- - - -I recommend but not for those who really have oily… and morena skin since it has a light shade..
<3 Monica

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  1. hi!

    thanks for the review! :) does this bb cream contain mineral oil/liquidum paraffinum?


  2. Hello Kim! Yes it has a mineral oil but no liquidum paraffinum. thanks for dropping by :)


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